by Daniel Ezra Johnson

"A tool such as Rbrul offers a compromise of the old and new that I believe will be widely used in the near future." – R. Harald Baayen

"Using mixed models and adding individual speaker as a random effect results in interesting, logical results for my data. The results are conservative, but I like that. If I don't use speaker as random, I get loads of extra factors as significant, but lots of these make no sense and simply can't be explained. This again gives me confidence in my conservative approach." – a satisfied customer

"I've been using it a lot and finding it so much easier than trying to do the same in R." – another satisfied customer

"Thanks Dan. You cast light upon my path into statistical wisdom." – another real testimonial

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"I really like how you designed Rbrul. It is so user-friendly! And fast, too! Perhaps the best thing about using Rbrul is Dan's speedy responses to questions I pose to him. Thank you, Dan!" – more not-made-up feedback

"Rbrul is part of my life now." – an early (and apparently permanent!) adopter

Rbrul now has two versions, one with a text interface and one with a graphical (Shiny) interface. To access either one, first start R, then run the following command:

> source("http://www.danielezrajohnson.com/Rbrul.R")

Or, copy and paste the first text file below into an R session.